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Mike's Music Method is here to help you on your guitar journey! By providing practical knowledge and by bringing you the most detailed tutorials and accurate tabs on outlaw country, delta blues, and folk. 

I highly encourage everyone to download this quick How to Guide.

It's the basic landing page for how to engage with the MMM content to get the best and quickest results in your playing and musicianship. 

The goal at MMM is to make things easy, fun, digestible, entertaining, inspiring....yet accurate, true to form, and complete.

If you're here for private lessons click that "LESSONS" tab up above.

MMM currently has over 200+ videos on youtube, and has a collection of 100+ tabs found no where else on the internets.

I meticulously transcribe these songs out myself making them as accurate to the original recordings of the legends themselves as I possibly can: Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, John Hurt, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Colter name just a few. Click the "TABS"  above and get to work.

None of this content is behind a paywall. The MMM philosophy is one of giving: the value for value model. I want as many people as possible to become great guitarists. So I provide value by bringing my talent, time, and treasure to the table. Transcribing the songs, providing the tabs, and making clear, concise, inspiring, (and dare I say HILARIOUS) video tutorials for the songs. I simply ask for you to return my value with some of yours. Ideally this is a monthly recurring donation, but it could also be your talent, a lovely email, or spreading the channel. This model only works if those getting value from the channel are willing to give some value back. So please consider support. Buy me time to keep making these one-of-a-kind videos. Check out the "DONATE" section for more.


In some ways I also feel like a musicologist. We need to keep these songs alive! And there's no better way to honor them and keep the memory eternal than by learning to play them ourselves! And to continue to teach them to the younger generations. I know of no other site or youtube channel handling these songs with the same care and attention to detail as I do here at MMM.

I've been playing guitar for 30 years and teaching for nearly 20. I have a theoretical knowledge of music from studying the books, as well as a practical knowledge from songwriting, gigging, and busking. I'm also a bit of a ham and have the majority of my experience teaching younger students, so I can keep these difficult concepts silly, light, and digestible by breaking them down to their core elements. 

I'm nearly as proud of my work as a teacher and educator as I am of my children and dedication to Christ. So you've got a genuine promise from a real dude to keep up the good work and continue to improve the tutorials, the channel, and the community.

So welcome aboard. Bookmark this page! In the near future I'll be adding a lot more info on how to go about using my youtube channel. Rating songs in terms of difficulty and grouping sequences of tutorials for people at various skill levels.

If you're curious about the man behind the scenes at MMM:

Mike, me,  is a father of 3, songwriter, music teacher, youtuber, performer and Christian located in Pittsburgh via Austin via Chicago. He's formed and fronted various projects over the years: Molaro For Illinois, can be streamed anywhere.

or on bandcamp Molaro For Illinois.

Then there was also the EP: the EP:  Archer Heights     "Hear Say" is my wife's personal favorite.

And the long defunct 60s rock band I fronted: the Queensmen    My kids love "Bullet"

Mike graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2006 where he studied music and the visual arts, which was mostly, though not completely, a waste of money. Mike gained most of his education through slowly, note by note, learning from the greats, and putting in the hours. There was also great private instruction, thank you, you know who you are.

He has since fronted various rock and folk groups in San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and currently Pittsburgh.

He's an active music teacher providing lessons to over 30 students a week and building his youtube guitar tutorial channel which now has over 200 videos: Mike's Music Method


Explore the site and sounds.



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